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Financial Relief For Dog Bite Injuries

Dogs are beloved pets in millions of households throughout North Carolina, many of whom practically treat their dogs as members of the family. Yet dogs are still animals. Many breeds have large bodies and powerful jaws. In the wrong circumstances, a dog can attack someone and seriously harm them.

Our attorneys at the Law Office of W. Daniel Grist, PLLC, believe that anybody injured by an out-of-control dog deserves maximum compensation from the owner who negligently allowed the dog bite attack to happen. Our firm has more than 20 years of experience representing personal injury victims, including those affected by vicious dog bites. We work tirelessly with personalized service for you every step of your case.

North Carolina follows the “one bite rule” when it comes to dog attack injuries. Unlike most states, a dog owner is not considered liable for injuries their animal causes unless they had prior knowledge that it was prone to biting or attacking people.

North Carolina’s Dog Bite Law

Practically speaking, this usually means the dog has bitten someone before. If the dog never attacked or gave the owner reason to believe it is dangerous before an incident occurs, North Carolina law usually will not hold the owner liable for their dog’s victim’s injuries. But if the dog has given its owner reason to believe it is dangerous and the owner still fails to take reasonable precautions like putting up high fences in their backyard and walking their pet with a leash, they are liable if the dog attacks again and harms somebody.

The one bite rule can make recovering damages challenging, but we are experienced litigators with the resources to handle any case. We will listen to your story and give you honest advice about how to proceed. Our lawyers will do everything possible to obtain fair compensation for injuries to yourself or your child. Children can be especially vulnerable to aggressive dogs, suffering major injuries and visible scars as a result. We can help you seek compensation for your child’s medical care and cosmetic surgery.

Keep in mind that in North Carolina, you only have three years from the date you were injured by a dog to file a lawsuit against its owner. Three years might sound like a long time, but it can go by faster than you think.

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