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Why are intersections dangerous for motorcycles?

On Behalf of | Jul 15, 2022 | Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists understand that they face bigger risks on the road than most other types of motor vehicle drivers. Unfortunately, just about every space on the road that poses a risk to drivers of covered vehicles poses even more of a risk to motorcyclists.

This includes intersections. Intersections are a known point of danger for just about everyone, but they can prove especially dangerous to motorcyclists.

Typical dangers of intersections

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration discusses potential problems caused by intersections. Of course, intersections are often dangerous because people may not always pay close attention. It is common for cars to turn without checking to see if the crosswalk is fully empty, or without ensuring that there are no oncoming cars who might T-bone them.

Sometimes, people attempt to speed through yellow or even red lights in an intersection, too. This can result in cars with the right of way getting in the speeding car’s way as they illegally cross, which can cause a crash.

Motorcyclists have the added concern of the size of their vehicle. In many cases, even if a driver looks around before turning or going through, they might miss a motorcycle especially if they are in the driver’s blind spot.

How motorcyclists can stay safe

This is also why motorcyclists should have bright lights and wear illuminated, neon colors with reflective strips. This helps draw attention to them, ensuring that most drivers will spot them. When motorcyclists wear dark colors, statistics show that they get involved in more crashes, most likely due to visibility issues.

While not every danger of an intersection may result in a crash, it is best for motorcyclists to keep their wits about them when approaching or going through one, just in case.