Reviewing statistics on bicycle accidents and TBIs

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If you enjoy riding a bicycle, you worry about your children while they bike near traffic or someone in your family is an avid cyclist, it is vital to understand the risks that bicyclists face on the road. Every year, many cyclists suffer serious injuries and lose their lives due to reckless drivers. For example, those who drink alcohol behind the wheel, speed or use their phone while driving.

Sadly, bicycle accidents create various hardships, whether a victim breaks a bone or loses their life. Moreover, many bike accident victims sustain head injuries, such as traumatic brain injuries.

Data on TBIs caused by bicycle accidents

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission recently published information on bicycle accidents and traumatic brain injuries. According to the CPSC, a report from the CDC shows that between 2009 and 2018, almost 597,000 people suffered traumatic brain injuries that necessitated emergency treatment because of bicycle accidents. Furthermore, this report found that during this time period, the risk of suffering a TBI resulting in emergency medical care was three times higher for male bicyclists in comparison to female cyclists.

This report also shows that bicyclist fatalities involving adults increased during this period.

The consequences of a TBI due to a bicycle accident

Brain injuries shatter many aspects of a victim’s life. Whether you cannot work or you face problems in your personal relationships, recovering from a brain injury can take years, and some people never make a full recovery. Moreover, some victims do not realize that they sustained a brain injury right away, and they face hardships later on. If you face these difficulties due to a reckless driver, you should not stay silent.