Is it illegal to text while driving?

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Distracted drivers fail to focus on the road, causing them to miss potential safety hazards and react slower to changing traffic conditions. This behavior can have dangerous and deadly consequences.

North Carolina has laws prohibiting drivers from texting or emailing while operating a vehicle.

Can you use your cell phone while driving your car?

Drivers over 18 years can talk on their cell phones while driving. However, while operating a vehicle, they cannot:

  • Text
  • Read emails, texts or messages
  • Enter any letters into a cell phone to communicate with someone

As a primary law state, officers in North Carolina can stop you and issue a ticket solely for these violations even if you are obeying all other traffic laws.

Drivers under 18 may not use their phones, even with hands-free technology, except when calling their parents, spouses or emergency responders. School bus drivers cannot use mobile phones in any way while driving.

Are there exceptions to the texting ban?

The law allows you to use voice-activated technology or factory-installed GPS. You can also send messages when lawfully parked. The texting law does not apply to firefighters, ambulance drivers or police officers performing official tasks.

Can you seek compensation if a texting driver causes injuries?

Drivers underestimate how long it takes to read or send texts. It may seem like an insignificant amount of time, but even a few seconds can have devastating consequences. Texting while driving breaches a person’s legal duty of care. When this negligence results in a car accident, they may be liable for your bodily damages.

You have a legal right to seek monetary compensation for your medical expenses and other costs stemming from your accident injuries. Thorough knowledge of the driving laws can help you present your personal injury claim in court.