Age, speeding and traffic accidents

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From drunk drivers to poor weather, you face many traffic accident risks on the road. Sadly, many serious accidents take place as a result of speeding, and drivers who cause a crash as a result of their failure to follow traffic safety guidelines must answer for their behavior. Not only does speeding increase the likelihood of a crash, but it can also lead to a more devastating outcome.

Going over statistics on speeding can help drivers understand how prevalent speed-related accidents are, as well as the impact of these collisions.

Data on speeding, age and traffic crashes

The North Carolina Department of Transportation published various statistics on traffic accidents that occurred throughout 2019. During 2019, more drivers between the ages of 20 and 29 found themselves in crashes that caused fatalities and serious injuries as a result of speeding than older drivers. More than 5,600 drivers between 20 and 29 became involved in speeding accidents in 2019. More than 1,800 of these accidents caused injuries and 87 proved fatal.

Drivers between 30 and 39 found themselves involved in 2,736 speed-related accidents in 2019, while 1,657 drivers in their 40s found themselves involved in speeding accidents.

Speeding plays a role in many traffic crashes

According to NCDOT, more than 547,000 traffic accidents occurred in 2019. Among these collisions, over 76,000 involved a driver failing to reduce their speed, more than 11,000 involved a driver exceeding the safe speed under the conditions, and over 3,000 involved drivers going over authorized speed limits.

Speeding plays a major role in many traffic collisions and the victims of these accidents deserve justice.