Data on pedestrian injuries in North Carolina

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You need to look out for vehicles every time you walk near traffic. However, even if you are very cautious and take steps to avoid an accident, a reckless driver could turn your life upside down. Every year, many pedestrians suffer serious injuries due to negligent and careless drivers, such as those who drive too fast, operate a vehicle while intoxicated or use their phone behind the wheel.

It is helpful to go over statistics on pedestrian injuries in order to understand the scope of the problem as well as the risk factors associated with these accidents.

How many pedestrians suffer injuries?

According to the North Carolina Department of Transportation, over 2,000 pedestrian accidents resulted in injuries over the course of 2019. In fact, the city of Charlotte alone reported 387 pedestrian injuries during 2019.

In Mecklenburg County, 2019 saw more than 400 nonfatal pedestrian injuries. Although this represents a decrease in comparison to previous years, such as 2015 (when 519 nonfatal pedestrian injuries occurred), many pedestrians faced hardships due to traffic accidents.

How can victims recover from pedestrian accidents?

If you are struggling with the aftermath of a pedestrian accident, make sure you understand your options. Some victims take their cases to court in order to secure the compensation that they need to recover. After all, pedestrian accidents often prevent victims from working due to debilitating injuries and many struggles with medical expenses.

If you or a loved one sustained an injury because of a reckless driver, try to stay focused and keep a positive attitude. Do not wait to take action, even if you are facing physical, emotional and financial burdens.