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Vehicle failure blamed for Dare County collision

On Behalf of | May 19, 2021 | Car Accidents

Mention the term “car accident” to most people in North Carolina, and one will likely hear stories of crashes caused by the extreme negligence or carelessness of others. There is good reason for such an assumption; indeed, many car accidents involve just that.

Yet not all of them. Some may find their causes in simple moments of inattentiveness (where an otherwise responsible driver takes their eyes off the road for a mere matter of seconds). Or worse yet, a car accident may be the direct result of a vehicle system failure.

Single-vehicle accident in Dare County due to medical issue

The latter appears to have occurred in the lead-up to a recent accident in Dare County. reports that while the investigation into the crash continues on, law enforcement officials believe a mechanical failure caused a fiery accident. They believe the rear axle forced one of the wheels to separate from the vehicle, which led to it flipping over. Sadly, a Virginia Beach teen traveling in the vehicle died in the collision. His father also suffered significant burns.

Liability for faulty products causing fatalities

Many may look at a single-vehicle crash and question where the basis of a liability claim is due to the limited number of parties who were potentially involved. Unique cases such as the one described above, however, present a whole new set of potential issues, most specifically due to the vehicle system failures that contributed to collisions. Those affected by them may just want answers as to why their vehicles experience such failures. Negligence on the part of a vehicle manufacturer that contributed to the existence of a problem might then certainly warrant legal action.