What should I know about riding a motorcycle at night?

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Driving at night is more dangerous than driving during the day, even for those in regular passenger vehicles. If you are piloting a motorcycle, it becomes even more dangerous at night because you are less visible than usual. Not only this, but you have to worry about your own reduced night vision as well.

Staying safe on a motorcycle at night requires careful planning. Namely, you must be sure that you are as visible to other drivers as possible and you should ensure that your night vision is on point.

Staying visible

Wearing the right colors makes a big difference at night. The wrong color, if you are not aware, is black. You are much safer if you choose fluorescent colors like neon yellow, orange, green or even white. This will make you much easier to see from the perspective of a driver. If you do not wish to purchase a neon pink jacket, you can buy a neon industrial safety vest that construction workers wear. This will increase your visibility without adding much weight.

Night vision

Keep in mind that since you, as a motorcyclist, are sitting a little higher up than the majority of cars that headlights may blind you. It is a good idea to keep your eyes focused at the far-right line on the edge of your side of the road. This can help you maintain the ability to ride straight while not getting blinded by headlights.

If you wear a full or ¾ helmet, make sure that the visor is clean before you ride at night. While a smear of bug juice may not make that much of a difference during the day, it can be deadly at night.