What are the most common slip-and-fall injuries?

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While shopping in North Carolina a few days ago, you suffered a slip-and-fall injury. You know that you may have a personal injury case, but you do not know where or how to focus your energy on recovering.

To help, see what The Joint Chiropractic says about the most common slip-and-fall injuries. Learn what to expect so you can make an adequate recovery plan.

Head injury

If you hit your head during your fall, look out for signs of a potential traumatic brain injury. Have a physician inspect you as soon as possible, as TBIs may have a massive impact on your physical, mental and emotional health.

Back and neck injury

Since your tumble, do you experience pain in your back or neck? Slips and falls may wreak havoc on these parts of the body, resulting in sprains, fractures, herniated discs and muscle spasm. Do not ignore or discount any discomfort or pain you feel in your neck and back regions. If you go too long without receiving proper treatment, your condition may worsen, which may result in lost wages and problems with mobility.

Hip injury

Broken hips are not only for older adults in their twilight years. If you fell on your side, have a doctor check you for a broken or fractured hip. The injury may require a lengthy recovery period, and you may need surgery to heal fully. Take immediate action if you suspect that you have an injured hip.

Closely monitor yourself in the days and weeks ahead. Prompt action proves essential for personal injury cases and recovering fair compensation.