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How does having a passenger affect your motorcycle ride?

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2020 | Motorcycle Accidents

Even when you have experience riding motorcycles, adding a passenger can make things feel quite different. Allowing yourself time to get used to the feeling of carrying a passenger can help you maintain optimal control of your bike. 

Before you leave on a ride, educate your passenger about motorcycle safety to reduce the risks of injury. 

Getting a feel

Riding your motorcycle with a companion is going to feel different. According to RideApart, the most obvious change is the added weight. An increase in weight will affect how quickly your bike slows down, your turning ability and your method for mounting and dismounting. 

The more consistent your companion’s movements are with your own, the easier it is to control your motorcycle. For example, when you turn, both of you should maintain a straight posture and lean toward the same side of your turn. Leaning the opposite way will affect the balance of your motorcycle and could cause you to lose control. 

Prioritizing communication

Talking while riding your motorcycle may feel futile and distract you from watching the road ahead. If you feel concerned about your passenger’s understanding of how to move while you drive, make sure you provide tips and tricks before you begin driving. Establish a system to get each other’s attention without causing distraction. If you need to talk about something urgent, pull over to a safe place, and finish talking before you start driving again. 

The more your passenger feels comfortable with you and the more you feel confident that your passenger trusts you, both of you can feel relaxed which will improve the ease and enjoyment of your ride.