What type of motorcycle helmet should I buy?

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Even conscientious motorcyclists may find themselves involved in an accident, especially when other drivers behave in a careless manner. Wearing a helmet is crucial, in this case, as it can prevent severe and deadly injuries from occurring.

Wearing a motorcycle helmet can also spare you legal issues. In North Carolina, motorcyclists and passengers must wear helmets when riding. Additionally, helmets must adhere to certain safety standards.

Department of Transportation (DOT) sticker

To ensure a helmet offers maximum protection, they are inspected by the DOT before being released to the public. Only helmets bearing DOT stickers have been rigorously tested to determine whether they will hold up in a crash when massive force can be applied. Certain types of helmets, such as novelty helmets, do not have stickers because they are not capable of providing sufficient protection. When looking for the DOT sticker, look on the back of the helmet.

Inner lining

Lining inside the helmet keeps the wearer’s head stable during a crash. All helmets should have a polystyrene foam liner of about one-inch thickness that feels firm to the touch. Soft padding or a complete lack of a liner indicates a helmet of lower quality. These helmets will not offer adequate protection if you are involved in a crash.

Manufacturer’s label

There will also be a label within the helmet that covers important information. Care and cleaning instructions keep your helmet intact for as long as possible. The label should also list the name of the company that manufactured the helmet, the model of helmet, its size, and the date when the helmet was created. Helmet labels also include information on materials, including the helmet structure itself as well as the lining.