Durham accident claims the lives of two children

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People in Charlotte may debate over the extent of responsibility that a driver has for the safety of the passengers in their vehicles. Some may say that the buck starts and stops with the driver, while others may argue that adult passengers should see to their own safety (to the extent that they can).

What few may disagree on, however, is that adults do need to ensure that the children they transport are securely restrained (and in the appropriate safety seat, when applicable). A failure to do so can often produce devastating consequences.

Single-car crash produces fatal results

This fact was on full display in an accident that recently occurred in Durham. Witness reported a fiery collision involving one vehicle alongside a local road. Reports failed to detail what might have caused the collision (and the resulting fire), nor were there details released on the condition of the driver of the vehicle. Sadly, authorities did report that a 7-year-old boy and his 5-year-old sister perished in the accident. They did not say whether seatbelt use (or a lack thereof) contributed to the children’s deaths.

Caring for child passengers

Yet a failure to ensure that kids wear seatbelts is not the only way a driver can fail in their duty to protect their young passengers. Driving recklessly or a lack of attentiveness behind the wheel can also easily contribute to an accident. Such negligence may merit a liability claim (to both hold drivers responsible for their actions and assist the young victims and their families). Anyone looking to pursue such a claim may find an experienced personal injury attorney to be a valuable ally during this complex process.