Why do drunk drivers often not suffer injures in a crash?

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You have probably heard stories about drunk driving accidents where the drunk driver walks away but others are not so lucky. You may wonder how this can happen. How is it possible for someone to cause a horrific accident that claims lives or causes serious injuries and end up with no major injuries? 

It is not some odd twist of fate. The Drive explains there is a scientific explanation behind this seemingly unfair phenomenon that clearly shows why drunk drivers usually fare well in an accident. 


The biggest factor causing injuries in an accident is force. If you can reduce force during the accident, you can protect your body. 

When someone is drunk, he or she may not even realize she or he is about to have an accident. In some cases, the individual does not even realize he or she has been in an accident. The person is often out of it and unaware. Furthermore, such drivers are quite relaxed, as alcohol has that effect on the body. Due to these factors, the drunk driver likely does not tense up during the impact. So, his or her body can properly disperse the force and reduce severe injuries. 

Of course, when you are the sober driver, you can see what is about to happen, and you will probably tense up. Flexed muscles are the main factor that leads to severe injuries. Your body cannot absorb the impact over a large area, which would spread it out and lessen the impact. So, you actually make the force harder on your body by tensing up. 

The lesson here beyond not drinking and driving in the first place is that if you are about to get into an accident, go against all your instincts. Try to relax your body and avoid flexing your muscles. This could allow you to walk away from an accident that otherwise could cause severe injuries to your body.