How do you safely pass a truck?

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Because of their massive size, semi-trucks move differently on North Carolina roadways than other vehicles. They have longer stopping distances, wider turns and bigger blind spots. Whether you drive a car or a motorcycle, you can make things safer for everyone by learning some tips for sharing the roads with truckers. 

Trucks have big reflective mirrors that are meant to help them detect approaching drivers. Nationwide Insurance points out that because of these mirrors, passing a truck with your brights on can temporarily blind a truck driver. In general, it is respectful to turn down your brights when passing another vehicle, but this is especially important when passing trucks. 

If you see a truck slowing down to turn at an intersection, especially if you are in a hurry, you may try to drive around to get past the vehicle. However, when trucks turn right, they first need to swing to the left in order to make the turn. 

This obscures a truck driver’s view of vehicles passing to the left or right. It is better to wait for the truck to turn and pass it when you are on a straight part of the road. 

Sometimes, a truck must back up for whatever reason. If this is happening, you should avoid passing the area behind the truck. Pass in front of it or just wait for it to finish backing up if possible. 

While truckers should be monitoring their speed carefully, you will sometimes find a truck passing you. When this happens, you should slow down to make it easier for the truck to finish passing you.