Is music putting your teen at risk behind the wheel?

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When your child starts driving, you probably have many rules to keep him or her safe. You know that things such as using a cellphone while driving are incredibly dangerous, so you probably put a rule in place to prevent it. As a parent, you want to do everything possible to ensure that your child is safe when driving on North Carolina roadways. 

There may be one danger that you do not even realize is a problem. Most people turn on the radio in the car. You probably listen to music as you drive without even thinking about it. For teens, though, music can turn into a distraction that is just as bad as a cellphone. 

The problem with music 

According to the Association for Psychological Science, music is not just an issue when your teen is trying to adjust the volume or find a new song. Just listening to music can distract your teen’s focus from the road. It delays thinking and can even lead to aggressive driving habits. Even if your teen is watching the road and doing everything else right, music can still take his or her mind off of the task at hand. 

You may wonder if you are at risk as well, but studies show music does not have this same effect on more seasoned drivers. The issue seems to be inexperience. Your teen already is at a disadvantage because he or she lacks experience and skills. Any type of distraction, even minor, is detrimental. You know how to block out distractions better and remain focused even with a good song on the radio. 

You may want to consider implementing a new rule for your teen driver at least in the beginning. Once your teen has more experience behind the wheel, then you can allow music in the car. Ensuring that your child focuses only on driving can help to keep him or her safer and prevent accidents.