Greensboro collision kills three, leaves two others injured

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In many car accident cases in Charlotte, authorities may have little trouble identifying who is at fault. Yet in others that may not be quite so clear. The importance of determining liability in a car accident case goes without saying. Even in cases where liability might be shared between multiple parties, it needs to be determined for both insurance purposes and to issue any criminal citations (if they are warranted). Plus, knowing who is liable can help if those involved in an accident need to seek compensation beyond what is offered by insurance settlements to help pay for their accident expenses. 

Such expenses are likely to be high for all parties involved in a fiery multi-car crash that occurred in Greensboro. Authorities report that a fire started after two SUVs collided just off of US Highway 421. One of the SUVs had just left the roadway after being hit by another vehicle (the driver of that car was later treated for non-life threatening injuries. It then collided with the other SUV, after which it burst into flames. Its occupants were all killed in the collision, while the driver of the other SUV was rushed to a local hospital with serious injuries. 

Who might have been at fault in this accident has yet to be determined. In cases like this, everyone involved (both directly and indirectly) is likely very invested in finding out who is liable even if it turns to be parties who perished (as their estates can be held liable for their fault. Seeking compensation in the wake of a car accident can be a complex process; therefore, those wishing to do it may be wise to seek out the services of an experienced personal injury attorney.