What are safety clothes to wear while motorcycle riding?

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Being able to ride exposed to the open air is one reason people in North Carolina enjoy riding a motorcycle. But with this kind of exposure comes serious risk of injury or death if something goes wrong on the road. One of the ways you as a motorcyclist can diminish the threat of losing your life or suffering serious injury is to wear the appropriate safety clothing. AARP explains what you should consider wearing when you ride your bike.

Helmets are crucial for protecting your life. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration points out that the odds of a motorcyclist surviving an auto crash increase by 37% if they wear a helmet. A proper motorcycle helmet should be DOP approved and have a proper fit; it should not be too tight or too loose. You also have the option of buying a helmet that only protects your head or one that also covers your face.

When riding, you should wear clothing that will protect you. You do not want to fall off your bike and hit the pavement with your skin exposed. Loose clothing, such as athletic pants, will not weather impact with pavement well. Clothing like heavy jeans, leather and keylar are more advisable. Likewise, if you wear a jacket, be sure that it is sturdy and durable. Also consider boots that cover the ankles, possess low heels, and have soles that do not skid and can grip pavement.

Weather conditions also factor into a riding wardrobe. Gloves can help guard your hands from flying debris or lessen the impact of an auto collision, but during winter months, you may want heavier gloves to insulate your hands. Likewise, have pants and jackets that can stand up to cold weather ready to wear if needed. When it rains, put on rain gear over your regular riding clothes. Your rain gear should be easy to don and take off.

Keep in mind that visibility is a crucial asset for your riding gear. Because of the small size of motorcycles, it is harder for drivers to make them out while on the road. Wearing a jacket, helmet or pants with bright colors makes it easier for other motorists to spot you. You might also want to accessorize your motorcycle with lights or add brighter colors on your bike for added visibility.

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