Officials in North Carolina may consider banning e-scooters

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More cities in North Carolina are joining the electric scooter craze sweeping the nation. These rental options offer residents and tourists a convenient way to get around the town. Unfortunately, the scooters can end up causing accidents from the poor use or inexperience of the user leaving lawmakers wondering if they should ban them altogether.

This month’s deadly scooter accident prompted Nashville’s mayor to recommend banning the scooters altogether. A drunk man drove the scooter into the street and died after an SUV hit him. Not only did the mayor mention a safety concern, but also the cluttered look of downtown with the influx of the e-scooters.

The popular rentals are most often seen during the weekend hours near downtown. Charlotte adopted the scooters over a year ago, but they are available in Raleigh and Durham as well. The scooters have already seen regulations and restrictions placed on them from speed caps to multi-rider bans.

Lawmakers work to balance safety with convenience. Large cities may not have the parking spaces in the downtown area to accommodate the busy street life of a weekend evening. The e-scooters have been one way some cities are increasing the ability to get around.

City officials have worked to create amendments and proposals to increase the safety of these recreational vehicles. While the cities of North Carolina increase the number of scooters available, the officials continue to work with the companies to keep citizens safe. A victim of an electrical scooter accident may benefit from the advice of an attorney.