3 things to do when you see a dangerous driver

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Dangerous drivers are everywhere. They make it difficult to be on the road even if you are the safest and most skillful driver in the world. When motorists make bad decisions and mistakes, they put your life in danger. This is true whether drivers are impaired, distracted, inexperienced or aggressive.

Sadly, you cannot completely prevent accidents from happening, but you can take some actions to reduce the chances. Here are some suggestions for what to do when you encounter a dangerous motorist.

  1. Be watchful

 There is an important distinction between seeing and watching. When you notice a driver who is exhibiting potentially harmful behavior, such as speeding or erratically changing lanes, it is time to be on alert. Every move a dangerous driver makes may have disastrous consequences.

  1. Exercise caution

Driving near a dangerous person may make you angry. It is normal to be upset when you see someone disregarding the safety of others. But you should resist the urge to give in to your anger. The best thing to do is to slow down and drive as carefully as possible. Keep your distance, because accidents can happen within a matter of seconds. Your top concern should be keeping yourself and any passengers safe from harm, so do not engage a dangerous driver under any circumstance.

  1. Make a report

 Some drivers are so hazardous that you may need to report it to the authorities. If you suspect a motorist is going to cause harm because of intoxication, distractions or road rage, it is a good idea to inform the police. If you can, write down the license plate number on the vehicle and take note of the make and model. Tell the police about why you think the driver may be a danger to others.

If a dangerous driver causes you to be in an accident, you should seek compensation for your injuries.